The special treatment of the Red Hill facility

Did you know that the Hawaiʻi Department of Health raised the level of allowable contamination in the groundwater for specific kinds of fuel—specifically for the waters under Red Hill? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does not set contamination levels set for groundwater therefore the individual states are left to use their own discretion to set … Read more

Overhaul of EIS rules is here

Today marks the start of the public hearings on a proposed overhaul of the regulations implementing the law that requires environmental impact statements in Hawaiʻi, Haw. Rev. Stat. Chap. 343. Everything you need to participate in this rulemaking process can be found at this web address: This includes the current regulations, the proposed new … Read more

Rulemaking to impact Red Hill tanks

The Department of Health has began their formal administrative rulemaking process to update their underground storage tank regulations, as required by the court ruling in our lawsuit against the Health Department. These newly proposed regulations are supposed to bring DOH’s treatment of underground fuel tanks — like those at Red Hill — into compliance with … Read more

Free energy and water efficiency upgrades for your home!

Pono Home in partnership with Hawaii Energy is offering free home efficiency services for residents living in Department of Hawaiian Homelands housing. The program not only helps conserve energy and water, but can save residents 10-20% on their utility bills immediately and in a lasting way. The service may include eco-upgrades to lighting, water fixtures, … Read more

Springing into Environmental Activism – Tanya

Our Spring 2018 graduate interns are bringing their internships and semesters to a close! Marissa and Tanya have been with us since January, jumping straight into legislative session and hitting the ground running. The staff is incredibly grateful for all of their hard work and wish them the best of luck in their next endeavors! … Read more