Take action to protect Kauaʻi’s Stream

For a century, the sugar cane industry massively diverted stream water out of the Wailua basin on Kauaʻi’s east side, doing immeasurable harm to the environment and to cultural and agricultural practices of native Hawaiians. Now KIUC wants to continue this destructive practice for another 65 years. Tell the Board of Land and Water Resources (BLNR) … Read more

Safety measures for fuel tanks could take billions — and decades, Navy says

By William Cole March 19, 2018 Updated March 19, 2018 5:56am The least expensive method of double-walling the Red Hill fuel tanks could cost between $500 million and $2 billion, the Navy said in a newly released estimate. The most expensive tank-within-a-tank option, with carbon steel and full interior and exterior coating, is estimated at between … Read more

Red Hill Bill in the House

The Red Hill Bill, Senate Bill 2930 SD2 has its first hearing in the House this week. This bill requires that the Red Hill tanks have secondary containment—that is, leak prevention—or the tanks be removed and the fuel relocated. The deadline for accomplishing this was blanked out in the last Senate Committee to hear the bill … Read more

Red Hill fuel ruling must quicken fixes

EDITORIAL | OUR VIEW February 26, 2018 Updated February 26, 2018 12:05am The existence of the Navy’s underground fuel storage facility at Red Hill — constructed during the World War II era — was a state secret until the early 1990s, when the tank farm was declassified. That disclosure prompted petroleum leak-related worries and other concerns … Read more

Navy should start relocating Red Hill tanks

EDITORIAL| ISLAND VOICES Honolulu Star-Advertiser, December 10, 2017 By Marti Townsend If our enemies poisoned our drinking water, we would all be up in arms. But when the U.S. Navy pollutes our groundwater, it expects us to accept it in the name of national security. We should not and do not accept this. While national security … Read more