Sierra Club Responds to Publishing Draft EIS for the Diversion of East Maui Streams

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi (September 23, 2019) — A&B/Mahi Pono released a draft environmental impact statement for the diversion of stream water from East Maui.  While Sierra Club volunteers, staff, and experts review the document, Marti Townsend, Director for the Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi, issued the following statement: “We have heard the big promises of big agriculture … Read more

Defend Hawaiʻi’s streams, stop HB1536!

Please defend Hawaiʻi’s streams, call your legislators to stop HB1536 If HB1536 passes as is, private corporations that sell water for irrigation would be exempt from oversight by the Public Utilities Commission. This means that there would be no regulations, no referee, no one for farmers to rely on to ensure their water prices are … Read more