Make the Most of March

March is our month to raise crucial funds for the Hawai‘i Chapter of the Sierra Club. We are a powerful advocate for our environment because of your consistent, generous support. Thank you!

Kalalau Stream by Nate Yuen
Kalalau Stream by Nate Yuen

Ways to Donate

  1. Secure, quick donation online, just click here.
  2. Mail a check to our office in Honolulu

Sierra Club of Hawai‘i
P.O. Box 2577 
Honolulu, HI 96803

To make a tax-deductible donation, please may your check payable to the Sierra Club Foundation, and put “For Hawai‘i Chapter” in the memo.

For donations without a tax deduction, make your check payable to Sierra Club of Hawai‘i.


We have big plans for the year to come and need everyone’s kōkua to make it happen.  From our volunteer Chapter Chair, David Kimo Frankel:

It’s true. This is an extremely exciting time for the Sierra Club of Hawai‘i.  In my 20 years with our Chapter, I cannot recall another time when we had such a perfect alignment of talented staff and volunteers, financial fortitude, and major opportunities to set public policy.  I believe we have a real chance to save Hawaii and our planet, if we can take full advantage of the opportunities presented us.

With your contribution, the Sierra Club of Hawai‘i can help steer Hawai‘i in the right direction.  We can ensure the NextEra merge fails, public water is restored to our streams, and the U.S. Navy cleans up and shuts down the leaky fuel storage tanks in Red Hill.  These issues demand the Chapter’s attention–and your financial support–right now.

To deliver on these and many other important goals, our new Director Marti Townsend is doubling down on the past success of our dedicated volunteer team. She is setting us up with professional leadership training, a young activist mentorship program, and hiring additional staff to support our volunteers.  

A new generation of leaders is dawning in our corner of the Sierra Club, and I am asking for your contribution today to make this transition a permanent success.  We need tax-deductible donations to support our public education and public interest litigation. We also need non-tax-deductible donations to continue our legislative advocacy and crucial outings program.  

Every donation–no matter what form–helps to keep people exploring, enjoying, and protecting our incredible Hawaiian Islands.

Thank you for your continued support of the Hawai‘i Chapter.

David Kimo Frankel
Chapter Chair

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