Join us in the fight for a just future for Hawaiʻi’s environment and its communities.  Part of your membership dues will support our local work.

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The Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi has become what it is today because of its strong volunteer base—people like you who contribute their time to help our Chapter and Groups accomplish their objectives.  Thousands of people continue to help explore, enjoy, and preserve Hawaiʻi through their local Chapter or Group.

You too can be a part of our work.  There are many opportunities available which fit your skills and interests.  To learn more about volunteering with your local Chapter please share your contact information and a brief description of how you would like to become involved.

The strength of the Sierra Club is that it has always been a grass roots organization.  Our volunteer structure allows anyone in the Club to make their own personal contribution.  Each one of those contributions takes us one step closer to our goals, and yours.

Take a step forward today.