Hike with us through 50 years! April – June Victory Hikes

Last quarter, our outings leaders and volunteers had a great time sharing with everyone some of Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi’s greatest accomplishments through Victory Hikes statewide. We visited Kahuku Point, Maunawili Demonstration Trail, and Pālehua on Oʻahu, Wailua and Nukoliʻi Beaches on Kauaʻi, Wailea 670 on Maui, and Makalaweana on Hawaiʻi Island.

Each Victory Hike celebrates the club’s past, present, and future efforts in building, protecting, preserving, and/or improving a particular area. We encourage you to attend one or more of these outings and bring along friends to join in the celebration and learn about the club’s efforts and successes. See more of each Group’s outings here. See you on the trails!

Sunday, June 3 – Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail  |  OʻAHU GROUP
The O‘ahu Group Outings Committee in 1995-1998 advocated to establish the public access rules for the Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail to the State’s Conservation District through the Waialae Iki V gated community. Proceedings took place at the ‘Āina Haina Neighborhood Board, State Board of Land and Natural Resources, and Honolulu City Council—culminating in the March 4,1998 Bureau of Conveyances Document No. 98-028929 issued by the City and signed by Mayor Jeremy Harris. Group members have, in the ensuing 20 years, continued to protect the public access for this popular East O‘ahu trail from frequent infringement by private entity.

In the coming quarters, stay tuned for Kaʻena Point and more!

Saturday, April 28 – Māhā‘ulepu Sunset to Full Moon Walk  |  KAUA‘I GROUP

The Kaua‘i Group chose the majestic coastal area of Māhā‘ulepū as one of the Sierra Club’s top 7 remaining wild and scenic shorelines for Hawai‘i Chapter’s “Keep it Wild” campaign back in 2000. Realizing the exceptional natural and cultural resources of Māhā‘ulepū, the Chapter created a conservation coordinator position for an organization to be called Malama Māhā‘ulepū. In 1981 the Natural Landmark’s Survey of the Hawaiian Islands concluded that “the lands of Māhā‘ulepū are among the most interesting in the state both geologically and biologically”. In its pursuit of preserving this environmental and cultural gem, Malama geologically received an award from the EPA.

In the coming quarters, stay tuned for Donkey Beach, Okolehao Trail and more!

Sunday, May 27 – Wailua Iki  |  MAUI GROUP

Maui will be celebrating progress in unblocking the flow of water in East Maui streams with a hike in the Wailua Iki area. Taro farmers and other residents of East Maui have been fighting for generations to have the life-giving natural flow restored in 27 streams after more than 100 years of diversion by A&B.

Saturday, June 30 – Hāmākua  |  MAUI GROUP

We are also offering the public the chance to explore the coastal land of Hāmākua with resource guides. Near the world class surf competition site Peahi, this culturally rich site was saved from development through a County purchase in 2016.

In the coming quarters, stay tuned for Olowalu, Mākena and more!

Sunday, April 22 hike through O‘oma on Ala Kahakai trail  |  MOKU LOA GROUP

Join us for a hot, coastal hike on the Ala Kahakai to see first hand what the group and community’s efforts over 25 years succeeded in preserving from another luxury development. Three times landowners petitioned the Land Use Commission to reclassify this makai property from conservation to urban and lost due to overwhelming testimony from the community and groups like the Sierra Club and Surfrider. The county now owns the land through Public Access, Open Space and Natural Resources Preservation Commission (PONC) funds from property taxes. PONC is now a charter amendment spearheaded by Debbie Hecht, a long-time Sierra Club member.

In the coming quarters, stay tuned for Pu’u Maka’ala NARS, Pohu’e Bay and more!