Water Policy

Policy Statement

It shall be the policy of Sierra Club, Hawaiʻi Chapter, to support actions that protect Hawaii’s land, water, and ocean resources from environmentally damaging and other inappropriate uses, and actions that preserve those resources for future generations.


Position Statements

1.  Recognize that the maintenance of extensive native watershed forest is essential for the maximum sustained yield of both groundwater and natural surface water supplies.  We support vigorous protection of watershed forest systems on all islands, particularly from the activities of feral mammals, from the spread of invasive plant species, and from the disruptive activities of man.

2.  Support measures to investigate and mitigate soil erosion in watershed areas.

3.  Recognize that surface stream waters are essential to many endemic and indigenous species of stream life and that diadromous life cycles of such species require continuous undisturbed run of stream flow from sources to the open ocean (“undisturbed” means no channelization, diversion or pollution).

4.  Support high standards of water quality for groundwater, streams, and wetlands and oppose measures that would permit degradation of any water resource.  This includes control of any discharges of materials harmful to human health or the natural environment.

5.  Support high standards of aesthetic quality in stream and wetland environments, especially by eliminating trash dumping in streams or on banks, and maintaining natural vegetation in the riparian zone.

6.  Support measures to systematically monitor existing groundwater resources and to determine water utilization levels that allow for adequate recharge and stable equilibrium in aquifers.

7.  Support limits to population and land development in areas which lack current and sustainable water resources.  Limits should be set at reasonable utilization levels of existing water sources, to avoid demands on sources which lead to their depletion.

8.  Support governmental requirements that large urban and recreational developments, including golf courses, install desalination plants and/or water recycling facilities.

9.  Support measures to conserve water, make minimal necessary use of water, and to prevent wastage of water resources.

10.  Support research and development of water collection systems independent of groundwater.

11.  Support the use of non-potable (“grey” and brackish) water for industrial, agricultural and other uses, where appropriate.


This Water Policy was approved by the Sierra Club Hawaiʻi Chapter Executive Committee at its quarterly meetings held July 15-17, 1988.