Population Policy

Policy Statement

It shall be the policy of Sierra Club, Hawaiʻi Chapter, to support actions that will stabilize the population of Hawaiʻi in order to avoid exceeding the carrying capacity of the state’s limited natural resources.

 Supporting Statements/Assumptions

* People are depleting natural resources and destroying ecosystems.

* Destruction of ecosystems and the environment (1) causes suffering and (2) is inimical to the continuation of human and other life on Earth.

* A need exists to cease the destruction of and to begin the rehabilitation of ecosystems and environments.

* The cause of human suffering and the destroyed environment is partially attributable to excessive resource consumption and inequitable distribution of resources.

* A major cause of excessive resource consumption is the increase in human population that has been occurring over the past 200 years.

* A humane and sustainable future depends on stabilizing population and reducing excessive consumption.

* Failure to curb world population growth will magnify the deterioration of Earth’s environment and natural resources and will undermine economic progress and social justice.

* Failure to seriously reform social and economic institutions will result in continued population growth.

* All environmental efforts (e.g., conservation, recycling, preserving and restoring ecosystems, and saving species) will be negatively affected by growing populations.

* Overpopulation and excessive consumption are the most critical factors in causing the environmental degradation of Earth.

* The population of Earth already may have exceeded its carrying capacity.


This Population Policy Statement was approved by the Sierra Club Hawaiʻi Chapter Executive Committee at its quarterly meetings held January 24-26, 1992. The Supporting Statements were approved by the Sierra Club Hawaiʻi Chapter Executive Committee at its quarterly meetings held October 28-30, 1994.