Environmental Issues


The climate is changing faster than ever and the Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi is laser focused on adapting to the impacts we are already seeing and mitigating what future impacts we can. This means looking holistically at the climate change issues at hand and implementing innovative ideas to protect our islands and people from the worst effects of climate change.

Water Security
Water is vital for all life. However, climate change brings with it threats to our freshwater availability—increased droughts, storm activity, and rising seas. The Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi is advocating for the return of waters to public streams previous monopolized by sugar barons and corporations, for the removal of water diversions and better management of watersheds, and for the protection of our aquifers from pollution.

Carbon Free Hawaiʻi
Hawaiʻi has committed to being carbon neutral by 2045 and the Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi is dedicated to making sure that happens. We are working to ramp down our islands’ reliance on dirty fossil fuels and completely cut our coal dependence, increase our clean energy production, all the while planting more trees to sequester the carbon already in the atmosphere.

Land Stewardship
Nature-based solutions provide effective and less-intrusive mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi supports projects that return nature to nature and benefit society. This means pushing for local sustainable agriculture, like permaculture and native food systems, reforestation projects that improve soil health, and preserving special open places and nearshore waters.