Comments on the Navy’s permit application for the Red Hill tanks

Last week, the Hawai‘i Department of Health (DOH) sent an email soliciting public comments on a draft permit application for the Navy’s Red Hill Underground Storage Tanks. These 20 massive tanks have been operating for the last 70+ years and are now required to get a permit as a result of recently adopted new Underground Storage Tanks rules. We see bringing the tanks into compliance as a step in the right direction–as the permit will impose additional requirements on the tanks and provide an opportunity to better regulate the day to day operation of the Red Hill facility.

We have reviewed the Navy’s permit and put together these click-and-submit comments so that your voice can be heard in the application process. Comments are due by June 28th to The DOH will address all comments received and make a final decision after all comments have been considered. Notice of the final decision will be sent to each person who provides comments or requests notice of the decision. Submit comments using the form below:

We recognize that this permit and the new rules do not go far enough, so last month we also submitted to the DOH a petition for new rules. If granted, our proposed rule change would eventually relocate the Red Hill tanks by not allowing larger-capacity underground storage tanks to be located over drinking water resources (a no brainer, right?). You can read a copy of our petition for rulemaking here.

Our goal for these fuel tanks is to have them relocated, but in the interim we have this permit to help better protect O‘ahu’s water and environment. This permit will be used for five years and we need your comments to ensure that the DOH and the Navy are doing everything they can to keep our water safe. Please submit comments on the Navy’s Red Hill permit application before June 28th by clicking here.