Column: Maui should stop its legal challenge against Clean Water Act

EDITORIAL | ISLAND VOICES By Tim Lara Today  Updated 8:39 p.m. A dirty little secret on Maui is becoming a nationwide embarrassment for our island and entire state. For nearly a decade, Maui County has fought in the courts so that its Lahaina wastewater treatment plant could continue to pump millions of gallons per day of treated … Read more

Column: Get past manufactured crisis, and have state move on water permits

EDITORIAL | INSIGHT | ISLAND VOICES By Gary Hooser | April 21, 2019 In my 20 years of experience in government, politics and policy-making, House Bill 1326 is the most egregious example of special-interest legislation I have ever seen. Fortunately the state Senate has taken time to listen to public concerns. After weighing both sides, conducting a thorough public … Read more

Health director wants Navy to move Red Hill fuel tanks

By Sophie Cocke April 12, 2019 Updated April 12, 2019 12:32am State Department of Health Director Bruce Anderson is urging the Navy to relocate its underground fuel storage facility at Red Hill away from a major source of Oahu’s drinking water. To that end, he’s hoping the Navy will agree to reopening a legal agreement entered into in … Read more

Editorial: Get tougher on water lease bill

EDITORIAL| OUR VIEWApril 9, 2019  | Updated April 8, 2019 6:34pm There’s buzz at the state Capitol that a contentious public water rights bill, which appeared to be dead for this legislative session, could be resurrected today in the Senate for a floor vote. If that unusual parliamentary maneuver plays out, senators should reject House Bill … Read more

Column: Balanced solution to water-rights bill rejected, sadly

EDITORIAL| ISLAND VOICES By Marti Townsend April 7, 2019 Updated April 6, 2019 7:29pm In a rare move, a state Senate committee voted on Thursday to pass a bill that would have established a true balance between Hawaii’s food sustainability and constitutionally protected water rights. The proposed bill would have prevented Alexander & Baldwin Inc., a $1.8 billion … Read more