Letter from the Chair: Our Climate Choices

by Colin Yost, Hawaiʻi Chapter Executive Committee Chair It’s a bleak thing to say, but the international scientific assessment of the climate crisis feels like a cancer diagnosis. I wake up every morning with the knowledge that the diagnosis hasn’t changed and that our planet is one day closer to catastrophe. It’s easy to feel … Read more

Outings Leaders Head to Pālehua

Mālama I Ka Honua  |  April-June 2017  |  By Gary Gill, Oʻahu Group Adviser On a crisp Sunday morning, a dozen Sierra Club outings leaders woke early to assess the outings potential of Pālehua in the southern Wai‘anae Mountains. They found new trails to blaze, sandalwood groves to protect, pig fences to improve, and a … Read more

Clean Energy Here, Safe Communities There

Mālama I Ka Honua  |  April-June 2017  |  By Will Giese, UH School of Public Administration Intern When I was twelve, my mother took me and my younger brother to our first protest. Many of the defining moments in my life revolved around demonstrations, protests, and civil disobedience. I got detention for condemning schools for their … Read more

Volunteer To Grow

Mālama I Ka Honua  |  April-June 2017  |  By Harvy King, Oʻahu Group Volunteer There is a great willingness in the world these days to allow things to be left undone, misused, and discontinued. This willingness has been identified to be what we know is waste. Humans have created an exorbitant amount of waste since … Read more