Editorial: House water bill not strict enough

EDITORIAL | OUR VIEW It’s crunch time at the state Capitol and, as usually is the case, some eleventh-hour drama is being teed up for the session’s final days before lawmakers adjourn May 2. In the 2019 edition of this annual saga, one of the chief flash points is the battle over water-management policy on Maui, involving … Read more

Comment on the Draft EIS for the Diversion of East Maui Streams

The long-awaited draft EIS for the diversion of East Maui streams is finally here. It is a long, hard read, but it is a necessary step to holding the corporate diverters responsible for the harm they have caused to the East Maui watershed. Below is a brief summary of how we got to this point, … Read more

Column: Get past manufactured crisis, and have state move on water permits

EDITORIAL | INSIGHT | ISLAND VOICES By Gary Hooser | April 21, 2019 In my 20 years of experience in government, politics and policy-making, House Bill 1326 is the most egregious example of special-interest legislation I have ever seen. Fortunately the state Senate has taken time to listen to public concerns. After weighing both sides, conducting a thorough public … Read more

Column: Balanced solution to water-rights bill rejected, sadly

EDITORIAL| ISLAND VOICES By Marti Townsend April 7, 2019 Updated April 6, 2019 7:29pm In a rare move, a state Senate committee voted on Thursday to pass a bill that would have established a true balance between Hawaii’s food sustainability and constitutionally protected water rights. The proposed bill would have prevented Alexander & Baldwin Inc., a $1.8 billion … Read more

Hawaii Legislature to consider bills on asset forfeiture and water leases

HAWAII NEWS| TOP NEWS By Sophie Cocke April 1, 2019 Updated April 2, 2019 12:54am State lawmakers have scheduled hearings on bills that would reform Hawaii’s civil asset forfeiture program, allow developers to build solar farms on prime agricultural land and extend the period of time that companies and farming interests have to comply with a deadline for obtaining … Read more