Letter: Personal choices won’t be enough

It is good to see more people making sustainable and eco-friendly choices in their lives. But let’s be clear, our personal choices alone did not cause the climate crisis, and they will not solve it either. It is unfair to place the blame solely on the consumer, when the fossil fuel industry is largely to … Read more

Editorial: Climate change costs justify suit

November 10, 2019 | Our View The heavy use of oil and gas across western economies has left its imprint in a warming climate and rising seas. Now Hawaii, and communities worldwide, will have to confront the immense cost of recovery and seek to have the fossil fuel companies involved help pay for much of … Read more

Column: Hold fossil fuel companies to account

By the Rev. Sam Domingo | November 10, 2019 As a person of faith, I believe that all creation is the Lord’s, and we are responsible for the ways in which we use (and often abuse) it. God has granted us stewardship of creation; and we should meet these duties through acts of loving care and … Read more

Column: Climate change demands action now

EDITORIAL | ISLAND VOICESBy Kawika Pegram Sept. 29, 2019 In Hawaii, thousands of people across the islands went on strike from their schools, workplaces and their regular lives to join the climate fight in their neighborhood. We did it to show the political will for bold action on climate. On Sept. 20, we demonstrated for political leaders … Read more

Column: Fossil-fuel companies that caused climate change should pay for it

EDITORIAL | ISLAND VOICESBy Marti Townsend | Today For more than 50 years, fossil fuel executives have known that their products cause climate change. Not only did they know with scientific certainty several decades ago that their products cause global warming and would lead to overheating of the planet’s climate, but they lied about it. Hundreds of … Read more