Testify on the University of Hawaiʻi’s proposed rules for Mauna Kea

The University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents will finally meet—after postponing twice—to review the latest version of the administrative rules proposed for Mauna Kea and the University’s own proposal for future Mauna Kea activities.  Wednesday, November 6, 9:45amUniversity of Hawai‘i at Hilo, Performing Arts Center, 200 W. Kawili Street, Hilo, Hawai‘i 96720-4091 Submit testimony by … Read more

Take action to protect Kauaʻi’s Stream

For a century, the sugar cane industry massively diverted stream water out of the Wailua basin on Kauaʻi’s east side, doing immeasurable harm to the environment and to cultural and agricultural practices of native Hawaiians. Now KIUC wants to continue this destructive practice for another 65 years. Tell the Board of Land and Water Resources (BLNR) … Read more

Editorial: Don’t stall on Red Hill fuel tanks

EDITORIAL | OUR VIEW When in doubt, delay. That strategy might be palatable for the Navy when dealing with its aging fuel tanks embedded in Red Hill, but it’s not good enough for Oahu residents who depend on the pure aquifer located just 100 feet below the tanks. Navy officials on Thursday said they would commit to remove … Read more

Column: Fossil-fuel companies that caused climate change should pay for it

EDITORIAL | ISLAND VOICESBy Marti Townsend Oct. 6, 2019 For more than 50 years, fossil fuel executives have known that their products cause climate change. Not only did they know with scientific certainty several decades ago that their products cause global warming and would lead to overheating of the planet’s climate, but they lied about it. Hundreds of … Read more

Column: Climate change demands action now

EDITORIAL | ISLAND VOICESBy Kawika Pegram Sept. 29, 2019 In Hawaii, thousands of people across the islands went on strike from their schools, workplaces and their regular lives to join the climate fight in their neighborhood. We did it to show the political will for bold action on climate. On Sept. 20, we demonstrated for political leaders … Read more