Science Fair participants honored by Moku Loa Group

Science Fair participants honored by Moku Loa Group

By Deborah Ward

Moku Loa Group recently recognized six outstanding students for research on Hawai‘i’s environment at the Hawai‘i District Science and Engineering Fair held Saturday, February 13, 2016 in Hilo.

In the Senior Research Division, Felix C. Peng received the Mae Mull Award for his project entitled “Isolation of a novel marine microorganism capable of aromatic hydrocarbon degradation in East Hawaii,” and Gabriel Low received the Mae Mull Award for his project entitled “Effect of the newly introduced brown anole on present lizard communities in Hilo.” Jared J. K. Goodwin received the Don Worsencroft Physical Science award for the project “Heavy metal contamination levels of the 1960 Hilo tsunami zone.”

In the Junior Research Division, Megan M. Nakamoto was recognized with the Wayne Gagne Award for her project entitled “Caterpillar cravings: A study of the food preferences of the Noctuidae Agrotis caterpillar on Mauna Kea.” Noe’ulakapalai Lindsey was recognized with the Ruth Lani Stemmermann award for her project “How do fresh water springs contribute to water quality?” Moku Loa Group also presented an award for Earth Science relating to Hawai‘I to Halia Buchal and Hiroki Soler for a project entitled “Filtering water with Moringa particles.”

The students each received certificates, membership, and contribution toward airfare to attend the state event. Through these awards, the Sierra Club members hope to honor scientists active in protecting our native ecosystems, and to encourage students to pursue scientific research in topics related to the Hawaiian environment. We express our thanks to our judges Jon Olsen, Debbie Ward and George Curtis.

Moku Loa Group welcomes contributions to its fund to support the Science Fair and other educational programs for students. Tax deductible donations may be made to Sierra Club Foundation (MLG) and mailed to the club c/o Moku Loa Group P.O.Box 1137 Hilo HI 96721. For more information, contact Deborah Ward at 769-2403.

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