Outings & Events

Outings are conducted in accordance with Sierra Club outing policies. Participants need to recognize the authority of the leader and plan to remain with the group for the entire outing. Sierra Club carries no participant accident insurance. In order to participate in one of Sierra Club’s outings, you will need to sign a liability waiver. If you would like to read a copy of the waiver prior to the outing, please click here or call (415) 977-5630.

In the interest of facilitating the logistics of some outings, it is customary that participants make car-pooling arrangements. The Sierra Club does not have insurance for carpooling arrangements and assumes no liability for them. Carpooling, ride sharing or anything similar is strictly a private arrangement among the participants. Participants assume the risks associated with this travel.

The Moku Loa (Hawaii Island) Group Outings are now subject to “ROD Protocol” which asks participants of hikes in ‘ōhi‘a forest to wear clean clothes and scrub their boots, then spray with alcohol. We will publish notice of ROD prone areas in outing descriptions. This preventative procedure is best done at home before reaching the area but leaders will have needed items at meeting places. Please help us protect our precious forests.

Photo credit: Maile and Ray Carr

Requested donations
Members and participants under 18 is $1 Donation for others: $5.

Supplies to bring
2 quarts of water, rain gear, sturdy hiking shoes, hiking stick, hat/visor, and lunch.

Classification of Hikes (E)=Education/Interpretation (C) Conservation (F) Family/Fun (S) Service

Upcoming Outings

Friday, June 7
Explore Pohoiki, (E/ F)
Puna District, moderate/ 3-4 miles
We will explore Pele’s 2018 lave flow at Pohoiki, see new beaches Pele made and hike up Mango Road for views of the area. Lunch will be on the beach. Sturdy boots are required for traversing rough lava, wear sun protection, bring water and swim gear is optional. Leader: Diane Ware, 967-8642.

Friday, June 21
Pu’u Maka’ala NAR (E)
Ka’u District, moderate/5 -7 miles, 4,600 ft.
Join us and see the “walking Ohia” trees in `O`la`a forest. Wear good hiking shoes, bring a lunch and at least 2 liters of water. We will meet at Cooper Center in Volcano Village and carpool to the trailhead. Leader: Linda Larish, 966-6337.

Saturday, July 6
Mauna Kea Service Outing (S)
Saddle Road area, elevation 7000 approx., work from vehicles
‘Hana hou’ for the last time to plant Sandalwood trees on Mauna Kea with Mark Hanson’s Hawaii Reforestation Program. (The program will be shifting areas after this.) We’ll be planting endemic ‘Iliahi’ and other native seedlings in areas around 7000 feet. Closed toed shoes, sunscreen, and raingear are suggested for this rain or shine project. We should be done by about 3 PM, so please bring lunch, snacks, and water. Bird watching in this Palila critical habitat is an option afterward. Leader: Rob Culbertson (805) 316-1380.

Friday, July 19
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Forest Restoration (S/C)
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, easy/1-2 miles, 3400 ft +/- 600 ft
We will be working with Friends of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park most likely to help restore an area of forest burned by fire last year. Koa is being planted along with removal of invasives like banana polka. Hiking boots, long pants and ROD protocol required. Also bring lunch, plenty of water, sun and rain protection. Leader: Diane Ware, by July 10 at 967-8642.

Saturday, July 20
Pu’u hululu to Mauna Ulu Crater loop (E/C)
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, moderate/5-6 miles, E @ 3400 ft +/- 600 ft
Hike in Hawaii Volcanoes starting at the Mauna Ulu parking lot, walking to the Pu’u hululu kipuka and beyond to circle the summit of the Mauna Ulu crater. Explore native plants and geology of this region. Follow ROD protocol; bring boots, plenty of water, sun and rain protection, sunglasses, lunch and walking stick. Leader Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers at 966-7002.

Friday, August 16
Punalu`u Beach Park to Kawa Beach (E)
Ka’u District, easy/4 miles, sea level
This is a rugged, exposed coastline hike that follows the Ala Kahakai trail in some places. We pass cultural sites and freshwater springs to arrive at Kawa Beach. We will have lunch at Kawa Beach where we can swim if it’s not too rough. Be prepared to hike over a`a lava. Leader: Linda Larish, text or call (808) 657-9640.

Saturday and Sunday, Aug 24, 25
Hakalau Service Trip (S)
Hakalau Forest, Moderate/4 miles, Elevation 6000-7000 ft.
The service projects usually involve planting native species such as koa or working in the greenhouse. Please practice ROD protocol. Accommodations are at a cabin at the 6,200-foot elevation with kitchen and bunk beds with mattresses. Participants will need to bring their own sleeping bags. At this high elevation, cold wet weather is always possible. The free time activity may include a hike in a koa-ohia forest to observe endangered native forest birds. Leaders Sunny and Michael LaPlante 964-5017.

Saturday, August 31
Keanakakoi Crater and Crater Rim Trail (E, F, C)
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Moderate/4-5 miles, E @ 3600 ft +/- 300 ft
Hike in Hawaii Volcanoes starting at devastation trail parking lot, walking to the trailhead on Chain of Craters road to discover the native forest and geology of tree molds on this crater trail. Stark contrasts of live Ohia and ash burned trees, native vegetation, and great views of Halemaumau and Mauna Loa. We will circle back to Crater rim to view areas recently reopened. Follow ROD protocol; wear boots, bring plenty of water, sun and rain protection, sunglasses, lunch and walking stick. Leader Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers at 966-7002.

Friday, September 6
Snorkel Honaunau Bay (E/F)
South Kona District, easy/sea level
Part of our developing marine activity section, we want to investigate the marine life near the historic Pu’uhonua o Honaunau (Place of Refuge) site. We especially want to invite the participation of any experienced water-persons with knowledge and memories of this special place. Together we will enjoy and assess the richness of the bay and its marine ecology. Good possibilities for seeing spinner dolphins. Bring standard outings needs such as water, sun protection and snacks as well as personal snorkel gear, fish ID cards and underwater camera. Leader: Rob Culbertson, (805) 316-1380.

Saturday, September 14
Onomea Bay day hike (E/F)
North Hilo District, Easy/2 miles, E = 200+/- sea level
A short hike into a gem of a place, a coastal tropical rainforest along a scenic shoreline. There is a stream to cross so expect to get wet feet or change to water shoes. Some history will be given on this interpretive hike. Please practice ROD protocol. Wear sturdy shoes, a walking stick, water, a hat/visor and a snack. Leaders: Sunny and Michael LaPlante, 964-5017.

Friday, September 20
Kaloli to Haena (Shipman Beach)(E)
Puna District, easy/6 miles, sea level
Hike on a historic trail in Puna from Paradise Park to the beach at Haena. The trail used to be an inland carriage road. At Haena Beach, we will see Nene at the Shipman estate and turtles at Haena Beach. Wear sturdy shoes and bring water, a rain poncho, a swimsuit and lunch. Leader: Linda Larish, text or call (808) 657-9640.

Saturday, September 21
Kilauea Iki (E, F, C)
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, moderate/4-5 miles, E @ 3800 ft +/- 480 ft
A pleasant family hike in Hawaii Volcanoes starting at Kilauea trail parking lot. We will be walking through a wooded area to discover the native vegetation, with great views of Kilauea Iki crater. Then down to the crater floor, past steam vents to view the cinder cone formed during the 1959 eruption. We will return the same way as the entire trail has not been reopened yet. Follow ROD protocol; wear sturdy boots, bring plenty of water, sun and rain protection, sunglasses, lunch and walking stick. Leader: Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers at 966-7002.