Foam Fishing

By Cory Harden A Hawai’i County Council member found polystyrene, popularly known as “Styrofoam,” inside a freshly caught fish. A Kona resident gathered over 4,500 signatures on her petition to ban single-use expanded polystyrene containers. Dozens of citizens testified at multiple meetings to support a County polystyrene ban, and few objected. The Kona Sheraton Resort … Read more

EPA Weighs In On Maui Sewage Case

By Steve Holmes In an amicus brief filed in the Federal Court of Appeals 9th Circuit, EPA lawyers supported the decision by Judge Susan Mollway. Maui County appealed after losing to community groups including Sierra Club. In the brief, the EPA agreed that point source pollutants entering groundwater that is hydrologically connected to the ocean fall under the … Read more

Chair’s Report 2016 Q2

By Nelson Ho Despite geothermal energy being over 40 years old in Hawai’i, it continues to stumble into minefields as it attempts to expand its role as an energy resource. Far from encouraging “smart energy, smart growth, and smart businesses,” the land use policies of geothermal developers have created a gauntlet of outraged communities. Let’s … Read more

Three environmentally risky energy projects on Hawai’i Island just dropped off the radar.

By Cory Harden First, Ormat, parent company of Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV), withdrew from contract negotiations with Hawai’i Electric Light Company (HELCO). The contract would have been for a new geothermal plant to provide 25 more megawatts of geothermal energy on Hawai’i Island. HELCO was requiring an adjustable power output, but that’s difficult to do … Read more

Science Fair participants honored by Moku Loa Group

By Deborah Ward Moku Loa Group recently recognized six outstanding students for research on Hawai‘i’s environment at the Hawai‘i District Science and Engineering Fair held Saturday, February 13, 2016 in Hilo. In the Senior Research Division, Felix C. Peng received the Mae Mull Award for his project entitled “Isolation of a novel marine microorganism capable … Read more

Outings Report

By Diane Ware Come celebrate the National Park Service Centennial with Moku Loa Group outings in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Kaloko, Pu’uhonua ‘o Honaunau, and Pu’ukohola Heiau. Most of the outings are interpretive and some will be led by Park rangers. We will also sponsor a program about the status, history, and planned release of … Read more

Garage Sale

Moku Loa Group will hold a garage sale, tentatively set for Sunday, December 6 at Maku’u Farmers Market just past Ainaloa Subdivision on the way to Pahoa town. Contact Jim Buck, treasurer, for details, volunteering, and donations. Email:

Supreme Court Deliberates Mauna Kea Issues

By Debbie Ward During the August 27 oral arguments regarding the Conservation District Use Permit for the Thirty Meter Telescope, justices rebuked DLNR for approving construction prior to holding a contested case hearing, and they questioned the board’s reasoning that the additional “incremental” damage could be mitigated, given that the FEIS found that “past construction … Read more