Foam Fishing

By Cory Harden A Hawai’i County Council member found polystyrene, popularly known as “Styrofoam,” inside a freshly caught fish. A Kona resident gathered over 4,500 signatures on her petition to ban single-use expanded polystyrene containers. Dozens of citizens testified at multiple meetings to support a County polystyrene ban, and few objected. The Kona Sheraton Resort … Read more

EPA Weighs In On Maui Sewage Case

By Steve Holmes In an amicus brief filed in the Federal Court of Appeals 9th Circuit, EPA lawyers supported the decision by Judge Susan Mollway. Maui County appealed after losing to community groups including Sierra Club. In the brief, the EPA agreed that point source pollutants entering groundwater that is hydrologically connected to the ocean fall under the … Read more


By Cory Harden A proposed cleanup plan for an arsenic- and lead-contaminated 4.4-acre site next to Kea`au Shopping Center drew concerns from the Sierra Club and a soil chemistry professor. The Sierra Club, citing too many unanswered questions, urged development of a statewide plan for all land potentially contaminated by past plantation activities before a … Read more