Report by Outings Chair

by Diane Ware, Outings Chair Critical Habitat The Moku Loa Group has submitted comments in support of proposed critical habitat for three endangered plant species in the Kona area. The proposed areas include seven units totaling approximately 18,766 acres (7,597 hectares) on the island of Hawai‘i. The three species (Bidens micrantha-ko’oko’olau; Menzoneuron kavaiense-uhiuhi; and Isodendrion … Read more


Chapter Conservation Chairs Debbie Ward and Lucienne DeNaie are soliciting interest in a statewide conservation committee for Issues that cross island boundaries, such as DLNR mammal hunting rules, and more. Envision/propose legislative action that have multi- island impacts, such as invasive sp, GMO labeling Taking initiative on statewide policy issues, such as  land use,  agriculture … Read more


by Cory Harden An Oregon real estate company that has filed for the protection of bankruptcy court owns 5,00 acres of land above Hilo containing some koa. Most of the land is zoned conservation, so it is unlikely they would get through all the legal requirements to cut koa. But 300-odd acres are zoned agriculture; … Read more


by Cory Harden Depleted Uranium There may be DU at Pohakuloa. A recent Army letter refers to the depleted uranium (DU) discovered on U.S. Army ranges at Schofield Barracks and the Pohakuloa Training Area. And the Schofield weapon system that contained DU may also have been used at Pohakuloa. The Army is conducting an evaluation … Read more