We’re turning 50!

2018 marks the Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi’s 50th year of service here in Hawaiʻi nei! Founded in 1968, the Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi is recognized as one of the oldest and most effective grassroots environmental organizations in the islands. Started by a small group of committed people passionate about the outdoors, today we have grown to more than 20,000 members and supporters volunteering to help people better explore, enjoy, and protect Hawaiʻi’s unique environment and wildlife.

Thanks to the support of our members and generous folks like you, people in Hawaiʻi are better connected to their environment and their public policy makers. Through our first 50 years we have been instrumental in protecting Hawaiʻi’s ecosystems, trails, and sustainability goals including:

  • The Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi’s landmark lawsuit, Palila v. Hawaiʻi, jumpstarting decades of native forest restoration efforts on Mauna Kea that continue to this day. This case was the first ever to give a non-human standing in court.
  • Bringing Hawaiʻi to the forefront of recycling programs through the establishment of our beverage container deposit system, know today as the HI-5 program, and the incredibly successful curbside recycling program.
  • Building countless hiking trails, including the well-known Maunawili, Aihualama, and Kalalau trails, and providing service to countless others like Kuliʻouʻou, Hawaiʻi Loa, and Kamakou.
  • Advocating for a clean energy future through the establishment of Hawaiʻi’s 100% renewable energy goals and preventing the NextEra takeover of Hawaiian Electric Company.
  • Forming the Sierra Club’s High School Hikers program in 1971, introducing thousands of youth to the many aspects of environmental protection, perpetuation, and advocacy—a program that continues in this mission today.

Celebrate with us!

The Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi is honored to invite you to join us in celebrating our 50 years of service here in Hawaiʻi. We will be celebrating at the gorgeous Moliʻi Gardens at Kualoa Ranch on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

Please join us for an evening full of live entertainment, ʻāina based chefs, silent auction, and great company all while reminiscing on our first 50 years and looking forward into the next 50—in the setting of the gorgeous outdoors.

We are also excited to share that the Sierra Club Executive Director, Michael Brune, will be joining us for this momentous occasion.

Get your tickets for our Mālama I Ka Honua event today:

Hike with us through our victories!

Lorin Gill leading hike into Wailau, 1974
Photo by Glenn Bauer

One way we will be commemorating our half-century in Hawaiʻi is by hosting victory hikes throughout the state, at least one per quarter by each group. Each victory hike will celebrate the club’s past, present, and future efforts in building, protecting, preserving and/or improving a particular area.

We encourage you to attend one or more of these outings and bring along friends to join in the celebration and learn about the club’s efforts and successes. Click here for the 2018 January-March victory hikes – see you on the trails!