Volunteer To Grow

Mālama I Ka Honua  |  April-June 2017  |  By Harvy King, Oʻahu Group Volunteer There is a great willingness in the world these days to allow things to be left undone, misused, and discontinued. This willingness has been identified to be what we know is waste. Humans have created an exorbitant amount of waste since … Read more

Who needs the EPA and NOAA? Hawaiʻi does

Honolulu Star-Advertiser | Sunday, March 26, 2017 | Editorial, Island Voices | Marti Townsend   President Donald Trump’s first budget proposal, which he named “America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again,” is a declaration of war on the environment. He is proposing to cut the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency by … Read more

Persistent Resistance to Save the World

As the flames go out at the #NoDAPL camps and the Trump Administration prepares to gut certain environmental protections, find strength in knowing the resistance to a climate-killing economy is taking root in communities across the globe. Collectively, we are the planet’s best defense, and we are not giving up.

The global fight to save our home manifests itself in Hawaiʻi via:

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Call for LTE on Red Hill Water Security

The Navy does not want its underground fuel tanks to follow the same standards as every corner gas station, that’s the message the Navy is sending in an article published today in the Star Advertiser Navy and state oppose Red Hill tank upgrade bill. SB1259 is the kind of reassurance the people of Oʻahu need to know … Read more

First Hawaiian Bank losing another major customer due to Dakota Access Pipeline Investment

First Hawaiian Bank losing another major customer due to Dakota Access Pipeline Investment Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi joins PAʻI Foundation, Sierra Club and many more withdrawing from Hawaiʻi’s oldest bank to stand with Standing Rock Sioux January 30, 2017 (HONOLULU, HAWAIʻI) –  A benchmark number of local organizations and businesses have started the process of … Read more