By Nelson Ho


Candidate Bios for Executive Committee Election

Candidates are listed in alphabetic order – Members should vote for 4 candidates.

Chandelle Asuncion
(none submitted)

Jim Buck
I am a long time Sierra Club member. During the 90s, I telephoned members in my district urging them to email their reps regarding bills in session that were good or bad for theenvironment. I’m a retired small business oriented CPA that is used to doing minor legal research, testifying in court and applying common sense to decision making. I’m currently an outings leader and just want to helpout wherever I’m needed and feel comfortable. I’d like to help the group start up our own website and get more involved in preserving and restoring Hawaii.

Joy Cash (AKA Sada Anand Kaur)
Began her social activism in college in 1967, in South Texas, with Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers & Anti-Viet Nam War protests. Is advocate of human consciousness, having practiced & taught yoga & meditation for over 40 yrs. Owned/managed a holistic health clinic for 10 yrs. Joined Women Occupy SD & Occupellas San Diego in in Fall of 2010. Was chairperson for major national Anti-GMO/MONSANTO action in San Diego. Is a founding member of Occupellas Hawaii Island, member of GMO Free Hawaii & active participant at Hawaii County council & committees. (including Energy & Environmental Management committees)

Nelson Ho
Nelson Ho has been a Big Island environmentalist activist since 1982. He has been in the forefront of issues like geothermal energy development in the Hawaiian Rainforest and the proper protection of the vulnerable natural and cultural resources on the top of Mauna Kea. Luckily he keeps sane by going on multi-night camping outings.

Steve Holmes
Steve Holmes is the former Energy and Sustainability Coordinator for the City and County of Honolulu. He won the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Champion Award in 2002. He was a state energy analyst in Hilo, a Park Ranger at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and Hawaii Chapter Conservation Chair of the Sierra Club.

Diana Miller
I am interested in serving on the board for Sierra Club’s Moku Loa Group. I retired from the USAF in 2004 and have lived on the island of Hawaii since that time. Currently, I work as a park ranger at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and as a substitute teacher at the local schools. I have been a member of many environmental organizations over the years to include Sierra Club, Earthjustice, Greenpeace, National Wildlife Federation and Nature Conservancy, to name a few. I am very interested helping with the preservation of our unique and fragile environment on Hawaii island.

Janice Palma-Glennie
As a Hawai`i resident for over 30 years, I’ve been deeply involved in several community-based campaigns aimed at protecting the natural, cultural, recreational, and social resources of Hawai`i island. I helped spearhead the campaigns to protect `O`oma from development — two decades of fighting which finally led to the protection 200 acres of coastal, conservation land acquired through Hawai`i County’s 2% land fund. I’m currently a Surfrider Foundation Kona Kai Ea ExCom member and have served on the ExCom of Moku Loa group in the past.

Nadine Robertson
(none submitted)

Debbie Ward
Debbie Ward is an active member of the conservation committee, and has served on the MLG excomm several times during her 32 years of membership, as chair, program chair and treasurer. Retired from UH, she farming organic fruit in upper Puna. She hopes to recruit and encourage new active members.


For Chapter Excom:

Deborah J Ward
Debbie is a conservation activist with a love of native forest wildlife, wild coastal open space and the geologic wilderness of lavascapes.  She has networked successfully with grass-roots activists to protect wild streams, Honoli`i, upland koa forests, and bird habitat, and has worked to improve management of Mauna Kea summit lands. A Sierra Club member since the early 80’s, mentored by Lorrin Gill, Mae Mull and Nelson Ho, Debbie has served on Moku Loa Group’s ExComm in multiple capacities, including chair, treasurer, and conservation chair.  She has retired from the University of Hawaii, is farming organically in Puna, and supports local sustainable food and energy sourcing.  Debbie seeks to engage more members in conservation work through the Chapter Conservation Committee.

For Moku Loa Group Excom:

Diane Ware
I have been an outings leader for over 12 years offering backpacking, beach camping and service trips with a focus on conservation. I have been on the board for several years advocating ecosystems conservation using a holistic approach rather than species specific approach. I’ve made comments for the group on issues such as protecting our reefs from aquarium fish collecting, and supporting expanding NARS on the Big Island. I support alternative energy only if projects can substantiate environmental impacts. Member input and expertise on this subject is encouraged.

Phil Barnes
I have been an active member of the Sierra Club for over 30 years. I have served several terms on the Moku Loa board since I moved to Hawaii full time in 1998.  I served as Group Chair from 2001 to 2003.  I have been an outings leader for over ten years.  Recently I have become active in the Democratic Party and currently serve as Vice-Chair of the Hawaii County Democratic Party for East Hawaii.  I serve as the Hawaii Island contact for the party’s Environmental Caucus.  My goal for the group if elected is to foster a more proactive and less reactive approach to dealing with the myriad of environmental issues with a focus on renewable energy generation.

Jon Olson
I am ready and willing to serve. I have been an active Club member since 1980 and have been your environmental delegate to the HELCO electrical Integrated Resource Planning team from the 1990’s through 2005. I led the charge for the cleanup of Sand Hill on the Puna Coast. This unique geologic feature had turned into a junkyard. It took several weekends with volunteers to remove many truckloads of discarded furniture, refrigerators, junk cars and household refuse. I have been a staunch recycler throughout my life and have owned several businesses that recycled equipment and materials.  I have been a staunch advocate for community participation in governmental planning and played key roles from 1995 onwards.

Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers
Roberta is a resident of the Big Island and has been a member of the Sierra Club for 23 years. She is an environmental educator at Hawaii Community College, actively involved in Outings and fundraising for Moku Loa Group, and leads service learning field trips for youth through the college. She is currently serving as Moku Loa Group Chair, Hawaii Chapter Excom secretary and Council of Club Leaders Delegate and Budget Officer.
Roberta is the Hawaii Community College Earth Fair coordinator and has previously served as Hawaii Chapter Chair and Council of Club leaders vice chair. She believes that actively involving youth in Sierra Club activities will strengthen our presence and that education is the key to environmental protection and preservation.


HELP SUPPORT CHANGES TO THE Hawaii County Charter OPEN SPACE funding provisions. This will let the people decide at the polls in 2012 whether or not to make minimum deposits of 2% of our property taxes to the land fund.

DIDN’T WE ALREADY VOTE ON THIS?  Yes, twice! Once in 2006 as a County ordinance for 2% of our property taxes to be set aside, (which was later suspended by the Council and Mayor).  Again, in 2010 for a 1% Charter amendment (which is currently only $2 million per year).  57% of us voted twice to support these measures!! Remember – The Charter over-rides the County ordinances.

SAVE THESE DATES TO TESTIFY-If the Charter amendment fails at first reading the amendment dies. It will be heard on September 7 in Hilo, at the 2:30 Finance Committee and September 21 in Kona. Second reading on October 5 in Hilo and October 19 in Kona.

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO GET THIS ON THE BALLOT FOR 2012—-It is required to get this proposed Charter amendment through the committee and 3 readings to get this on the ballot to let the voters decide ONCE AGAIN.
Charter amendments need 6 council members to vote YES! So please email and ask the council members:
<>, <>, <>, <>, <>, “Brenda Ford” <>, “Dominic Yagong” <>, “Pete Hoffmann” <>, “Pilago, Angel” <>, <>,

To find the Council members phone numbers go to:


1. We will be assured that 2% of our property taxes will be deposited each year at budget time.  Remember the Mayor and Council suspended deposits to the fund from 2009 to 2011, which meant we did not have $8 million to acquire land during that time. They would be required by the County’s highest law to deposit the 2% amount.
2. Charter amendments can only be changed by a vote of the people, not the Council or Mayor.
3. Remember 2% of our property taxes is approximately $4 million per year. The great “gift” of the land fund is to obtain matching funds.  $4 million becomes $8 million if the county gets dollar-for-dollar matching funds. So far the county has obtained $2.145 in matching funds.
4. There are still MANY properties our communities want to acquire – see the list below compiled from the Public Access and Open Space Commission’s recommended List of properties sent to the Mayor further down in this article.
5. With a 2% charter amendment in place we won’t waste citizens’ time in going to council meetings during budget hearings to testify AND we won’t waste council member’s time having to listen to testimony.

Properties Acquired by the County since 2006* costing Hawaii County $11,297,000:
1. Waipio Look out for  $902,145. (Hamakua Coast)   (No matching funds)
2. Kawa Bay (Puna)  $1.9 million County with $1.2 from the State Legacy Lands and funds from US Fish and Wildlife Service to protect the endangered Hawksbill Turtle
3. Kaiholena North (Kohala)   $6.55 million with no matching funds
4. Pao’o  (Kohala)  $945, 000.00 with $945,000. From NOAA

2% Land Fund Top Picks by the Public Access, Open Space and Natural Resources Commission

SUSPENDING DEPOSITS TO THE FUND: As you can see there are still many properties to be acquired, costing millions of dollars.  The county’s suspending deposits to the fund for two years  (2009-2010) really slowed down the acquisition program.
The following properties were on the Commission’s recommended list to the Mayor from 2001-2010, but have not been acquired.
Pohoiki Bay  (Puna), Keawenui Access Easement  (Kohala), Hamakua Springs Agricultural Conservation Easement (Hamakua), Hapu‘u to Kapanai‘a Cultural Corridor (North Kohala), Kawa  (Ka’u), Kingman Trust (Kona), Kahuku Coastal Property (Ka’u), Kaiholena-south  (Kohala), Kukuipahu-Ha‘ena Corridor (Kohala), Mahukona  (Kohala), Honolulu Landing (Puna), Wai’ele  (Puna), Puapua’a (Kona), O’oma II (Kona)
* The Open Space Commission’s Annual Reports and the Financial Data can be found at

To read Bill 87 go to or contact Debbie Hecht 989-3222,


Excom members attend a Mahalo Dinner to thank Edith Worsencroft for her 10 years of service as Newsletter Editor. (From left to right) Roberta Brashear-Kaufers, Cory Harden, Edith Worsencroft, Nelson Ho, Debbie Ward and Fred Stone.
Excom members attend a Mahalo Dinner to thank Edith Worsencroft for her 10 years of service as Newsletter Editor. (From left to right) Roberta Brashear-Kaufers, Cory Harden, Edith Worsencroft, Nelson Ho, Debbie Ward and Fred Stone.

by Excomm

Edith has volunteered for the past ten years as the Moku Loa Group Newsletter editor.  Such a thankless job, she has organized, edited, typed and taken the newsletter to the printer.  After the printing, she labeled and mailed four editions per year to our appreciative Moku Loa Group members.  In addition, she has sent the articles to our Chapter for inclusion in “Malama” and also to Terry Reim, our webmaster, for inclusion on the MLG website.  Edith has decided to “retire and we will be searching for someone to fill her shoes.  MAHALO Edith for all of your tireless work; you will certainly be missed.


by Phil Barnes
This will be the last hard copy of the Moku Loa Newsletter that you will be receiving.  There are several reasons for this move.  Our long-time newsletter editor, Edith Worsencroft, has resigned from the position after over ten years of hard work on the Club’s behalf.  Many thanks to this most dedicated volunteer.  The savings in the cost of paper and postage will also now be available for focusing on our environmental advocacy mission.  And, of course there is our concern to save trees by reducing our paper use.  As before, you will continue to receive a hard copy of the Chapter quarterly newsletter, “Malama.”  Moku Loa news articles and outings will be listed in this newsletter.  In order to further save resources, you can contact the Chapter at our website, and request to receive “Malama” electronically rather than in hard copy.  You can also receive additional Moku Loa news by going to the Chapter website; and clicking on the Moku Loa link,

With this change we are now looking for a Moku Loa Information Coordinator to get information to our webmaster, Terry Reim, so that it can be posted electronically on the website.  Contact Al Beeman  ( or Edith ( if you would be interested in providing this valuable service for the Club.


by Jan Moon
Long time Moku Loa Group Executive Committee member and Outings leader, Wallace “Bud” Doty, died July 17, 2010 on the Big Island.

A former Road Manager at Pahala Sugar Plantation, he had access to many gated, remote camping and wilderness areas.  He was a volunteer Red Cross teacher and many MLG outings leaders received leader’s and safety qualifications from him.  He loved the nature and natural history of this island, and gladly shared his knowledge   He was an avid outdoorsman and led many major hikes and wilderness camping trips here, including Waiahukini near South Point, Waikapuna below Naalehu, Ku Ranchlands and across Haleakala Crater.

He was a great storyteller and would educate us all about the cultural and natural history of these remote and special places.  He loved to make Poisson Cru, Tahiti’s national dish in which lemon juice, mixed with coconut juice and other ingredients, cooked the raw fish.  The Thanksgiving wilderness camps where he furnished all the fixings for several days were memorable.  We all give thanks for the time he gave to us.  Celebration of his life was held on Saturday, August 15, at the Church of the Holy Apostles in Hilo.


By Phil Barnes

After ten years as the Executive Director, Jeff Mikulina has taken a new position. We are all happy that he will still be fighting to protect Hawai`i’s environment, but in a new capacity. Our new Executive Director is Robert Harris. Robert is an active member of the Oahu group and has been practising law in Hawai`i for the past five years. He is a former clerk of the State Supreme Court and has also worked for Earth Justice. He will give you more of his bio in person. He will be meeting with members at the Kea`au Community Center Monday, January 5, at 7:00 pm. He very much wants YOU, the members, to help chart the future direction of the Club. He is particularly interested in establishing a new active relationship with the outer islands. Youth outreach and statewide activities are just two areas that he would like to pursue. Please come and share your mana`o and help to move the club forward in this post-Bush era. For further details call Phil Barnes (965-9695).


Roberta Brashear-Kaulfers was selected by the Honors and Awards Committee to receive the National Sierra Club’s Special Achievement Award for 2006. This award honors an individual Sierra Club member, committee, group or chapter for a single act of particular importance dedicated to conservation or to the Club. Roberta was flown to San Francisco and received her award at the annual dinner on September 16.

She was honored for her extensive work planning and implementing the Sierra Showcase, as well as helping facilitate the deliberative sessions of the Sierra Summit 2005. In addition, Roberta serves on the Council of Club Leaders EXCOM as Vice Chair for Finance, and is the Moku Loa Group fundraising chair. Congratulations and thank you for all the work you have done for the environment!


By Phil Barnes

On Saturday, May 6th long time Sierra Club activist Ed Clark passed away from a long term illness. He had been very active in both the Moku Loa Group Conservation Committee and as a past member of the Executive Committee. His fundraising ability helped to allow the club to pursue its long term goals. Anyone involved in East Hawai`i peace and justice movements is familiar with Ed’s calm demeanor, keen wit and follow through. His many letters to the editor were always concise and helped to clarify complex issues. He had also been a leader of the Kea`au Unitarian Church. This kind, gentle man will be sorely missed by his many friends and associates.

The Result of the 2004 Sierra Club Election

Lisa Renstrom 141,407
Jan O’Connell 132,262
Nick Aumen 123,662
Sanjay Ranchod 123,332
David Karpf 110,756

Michael Dorsey 42,401
Ed Dobson 35,825
Chad Hanson 29,104
Robert Roy van de Hoek 15,700
Phillip Berry 15,492
David Pimentel 14,527
Dick Lamm 13,090
Kim McCoy 9,765
Karyn Strickler 8,333
Frank Morris 8,247
Morris Dees 7,554
Barbara Herz 7,525

331 write-ins
14,257 unexercised votes
4,550 multiple marks [on invalid ballots because more than 5 votes cast]

Total returns by Internet 45,559
Total returns by mail 126,016
Total returns by fax 41
Total returns 171,616

Total mailed 757,058
Percent returned 22.67%